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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

General questions about working with the platform

1. No more than one account per 1 IP address can be registered on the platform. All kinds of multiaccounts are tracked and blocked by the system automatically. Remember this.

2. When working with the platform, be sure to read our privacy policy, cookies, and the offer agreement.

3. By registering on the platform, you automatically sign our offer agreement, the latest version.

4. To contact technical support, you must write an email to or ask a question in a chat on the site.

5. If you forgot your account password, we have a button to restore your password when you log in to the site. You will receive an email with your login details.


For our advertisers on the MyStart platform, there are several ways to increase traffic to resources. You can try each of them separately or combine several to achieve the best result in promoting your projects on the network.

1. To order ads on the MyStart platform, you need to top up your credit account. All operations of purchase of any advertising package are executed only in the credits.

2. Credits are purchased in the "Buy loans" section or promotional offers. Promotional offers may change over time. Periodically check the availability of new discounts.

3. You can also earn credits by using the section "Earning on advertising" - "Surfing" or "PTP"

4. In the surfing section, you get credits for each site view. The process is fully automated. Earning credits directly depends on the status of Your account. On a standard account it is less, on a premium account it is more.

5. You can purchase a premium account in the "Premium account" section or in promotional offers.

6. In the "PTP" section, you are given a unique link. Your goal is to distribute it on the Internet, placing it anywhere: on your own websites, forums, social networks, etc. When Internet users click on your PTP link either credits or rubles are credited to your account for each unique IP link across the entire platform.

7. Credits when users click on Your PTP link are credited if the IP address of the link is any country that is not listed in the section PTP.

8. There are three ways to order ads for your resources: surfing, PTP, and context (banners).

9. When ordering surfing, you specify any link to your advertised project, whether it is Your website or a referral link in any other project. Specify the display time and targeting - which countries you want to get traffic to the resource from. After filling in all the parameters, the system will automatically calculate the cost of one click in credits and you will only need to top up the budget of the advertising platform to start rotation. At the end of the budget, the advertising platform stops. You must edit it to add credits to the task budget.

10. When ordering PTP (payment for promotion), you should know that your link specified in the task will be advertised not only on our site among our users, as in surfing, but also on the Internet in General, on forums, various sites, and social networks. PTP is an opportunity to get a large number of clicks on your resource.

11. Contextual advertising, also known as banner advertising. The most well-known method of promoting your resource, site, links to any source, a set of referrals to any project, etc. when Ordering contextual advertising, you must specify a link to the advertised resource, the price in credits for one click on your resource by a user from the network, and also top up the task budget. Contextual advertising on MyStart can be of two types: text ads and image banners. When ordering a text ad, you need to fill in two additional parameters: "banner Title" and "banner Text" - the ad itself. When ordering graphic banners do not need to fill these two parameters, the fields can be left empty, enough to load a graphic image in jpeg, gif, png and set the size of the banner. Contextual (banner ) advertising is displayed on all sites of our partners and webmasters, as well as, if you ordered an ad size of 728x90 or 468x60 - in our extension.

12. Any advertising on the project works using the auction method. You are competing with other advertisers. The higher you set the price for a task in credits, the more traffic you will get to your resource.


For our users, there are several ways to earn money on the platform. You can use one, or you can combine several methods at once, achieving better results and earning more and more every day.

1. Section "Earnings from advertising" - "PTP". Here you can earn rubles by copying your unique PTP link and posting it on the Internet on any resources, be it your own blog, website, forum or social network. The goal is to achieve more clicks by users from the network using your PTP link. Transfers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the United States, and the United Kingdom are paid in rubles. The price is listed in the PTP section for 1000 clicks on your link. Remember: only unique IP clicks on your link across our entire platform within 24 hours are counted. We do not prohibit autosurfing, sap systems, or other types of automatic click-throughs. But you should know that our system is built in such a way that low-quality traffic transitions are filtered out and not taken into account by the platform. You will not get traffic from proxy servers, automated systems, and so on. Traffic must be organic.

2. Earnings on contextual advertising (banner) advertising. To develop earnings in this direction, you must be the owner of a website or your own blog. All sites added to our platform are moderated. The moderator will check your site for compliance with the rules of our platform, select the theme for the site. We issue the code for the ad space immediately. after installing it on your site, you will already start earning money on your project, but you will receive a minimum payment per click (click-through) on a banner. It is only after moderation that Your site starts participating in the auction system, and the click-through price for the contextual block increases, depending on the needs of advertisers. Our platform pays for contextual advertising based on the CPC model - for banners placed on your own resources. The banner click-through price starts at 0.1 rubles and can reach any maximum, depending on advertisers (the percentage of the platform is held).

3. Earnings on the extension. Install our extension by downloading the latest version from Google Store, activate it in the browser, log in and get rubles for viewing ads at the bottom of the browser and clicking on ads (when they are available) in the extension itself. If a new transition is available, a dollar icon appears on the extension icon. Our extension is available for Chrome, Yandex, and Opera browsers.

4. Earnings on the partner program. Recruit referrals to the system using your referral link. Every active referral of yours, replenishes the balance by purchasing any service on the platform, earning on PTP, contextual advertising or in the extension-brings profit to You. The more referrals You have, the higher your earnings on the platform.


1. Payments can be ordered if the minimum amount specified in the withdrawal section is reached.

2. Payments are ordered in the "Withdraw money" section. You specify the desired amount, wallet, and select the payment system for payment.

3. Remember: the withdrawal of money from the project on your request is carried out within three working days from the moment of its submission. Our moderators check each ordered payment for fraud, multi-accounts, and other dishonest work on the platform.

4. Weekends and holidays are not counted. Example: you ordered a payment on Saturday. This means that you are guaranteed to get it from Monday to Wednesday (excluding weekends). Payments are made in the order of priority.

5. You don't need to write a request to the support service, for example: I ordered a payment, why the money didn't come. Remember - within 3 business days!

6. Do not make mistakes when entering your wallet and choosing a payment system when creating a withdrawal request. In such situations, if an error is made, our moderators will return your earned funds to your balance with an indication of the reason for the refund. You will simply lose time.

7. Try to withdraw larger amounts of money. Remember: you will not be able to create a new one until your previous application is paid for!

8. There may be delays in payments due to delays on the part of our advertisers.

For any other questions, you can always contact us at:

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