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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies??

Cookies are text files with a small amount of information that are transmitted to the browser and stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device from which you access the site. Cookies send information to our site every time you visit it. Cookies can be permanent ("persistent"), which are stored on the computer until the user deletes them, or temporary ("session"), which are valid until the user closes the browser. In addition, cookies can be primary, which are installed from the site you visit, and third-party, which are installed by other persons who do not belong to the site owner.

How uses cookies?

We use cookies to improve the functionality of our Service, improve page navigation, remember settings, and maximize user convenience.

Cookies used and their purpose

The cookies we use in this Service fall into the following categories:

Strictly necessary

These cookies support navigation on the site and the provision of requested services, for example, to access protected pages. This type of cookie is used when users register and log in. Without them, the services requested by the user become unavailable. These cookies are basic and can be either permanent or temporary. In other words, without these cookies, our Service will not work properly.


These cookies collect information about users ' use of the site, such as the most visited pages and the duration of the visit. The purpose of using these cookies: - getting statistics about the use of our Service - evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (we do not use this information to send you ads)


These cookies allow the site to remember information about your chosen settings (for example, your user name, language, or country where you are located) and provide access to advanced and personalized features. These cookies can also be used to provide users with the services they have requested, such as viewing videos or posting comments on a blog.:

  • storing information about whether any services were provided to the user earlier

  • improving the quality of interaction with the site as a whole by remembering the selected preferences.

These cookies can be permanent or temporary, basic or third-party. They remember the information you provide, improving the usability of the site.