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Thanks to the transparency of the platform, advertisers do not spend money on fraudulent traffic, and webmasters get more without involving intermediaries.


An excellent choice for both advertisers and


Usually, advertisers lose a lot of money due to ad fraud. Publishers are forced to pay middlemen, losing profits. Our platform is designed to change long-standing negative workflows.


MyStart is completely easy to use.

Our DSP will easily help any advertiser to cope with the assigned tasks. And with easy SSP management, our publishers see a complete reflection of their earnings.

Effectively monetize traffic on your media resources.

Publishers Earn More Profits

Sell ad space on your sites and get even more revenue without reaching out to advertisers directly.

Advertisers pay less to get more.

Advertisers work without intermediaries, directly through our platform.

This is the best solution.

Fraud protection

Protect your ROI by staying ahead of scammers at all times. Make sure your ads come from real publishers and reach real people with Protected Media's anti-fraud technology.


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